Innovative in design,rich in color, a kind of conventional breakthrough ABS Ukulele cases made its eye-catching debut at music trade show by Crossrock™. Combined with useful and quality zippered hinge and TSA lock design, the new Crossrock™ products avail yourself of a functional Ukulele cases with music portable!

An excellent ukulele case should be durable, portable and fashionable. This Crossrock™ ukulele case is the superior one. Instead of using traditional aluminum alloy hinge in ABS case, Crossrock™ chooses a kind of hybrid zipper to replace it. Such overturning design enables the case less heavy but still fully protective to your ukulele, which, we combined the advantage of the design in cases and bags together. Light in weight, protective in all around, also available in 9 colors: Black, Steel Grey, Silver, Yellow, Green, Purple, Red, Pink and Turquoise.

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