Metro Standard Series Gig Bag For Concert Ukulele

Available Models:

  • 1/2 Classical, 3/4 Classical, 4/4 Classical
  • Dreadnought
  • Electric
  • Bass
  • Mandolin – A/F compatible
  • Banjo – 5 strings resonator
  • Ukulele – soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone
Model Number


Shipping Weight

1.3lb (0.6kg)

Shipping Dimensions

11.8" x 16.9" x 3.9" (30 x 43 x 10 cm)

MSRP: $34.99

Metro Standard Series Gig Bag For Concert Ukulele


Large Outside Pocket

Zippered outside pouch for capo and tuner while the build-in flat pocket for small accessories.

Padded Handle

The durable padded handle makes your journey easier by carrying the instrument.

Durable Single Shoulder Strap

The thick padded strap comes with reinforced sewing makes sure the ukulele's safety on your back.

Smooth Zipper And Molded Metal Slider

100,000 times test for the chain and the anti-rust metal slider is the guarantee of durability.


Rome wasn't built in a day.
It took us more than 15 years to refine the spirit of the brand and the Metro series came out then.
Crossrock believes music belongs to every people in the world regardless of talent or mediocrity. Every musician deserves a great case.
Therefore, based on the principle of "A CASE FOR THE MANY", an elegant and reliable case can always be expected although the Metro standard series is designed for beginners.


  • Water-resistant dark grey exterior.
  • 10mm high density padding with soft nylon lining.
  • 3D large outside zipper pouch with build-in pocket.
  • Strong padded handle and reinforced backpack straps.
  • Durable zipper chain with anti-rust metal slider.
Inside Dimensions:
Overall Length:
Body Length:
Upper Bout:
Lower Bout:
Body Depth:
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