Air Carbon Classical Guitar Case

MSRP: $999

Air Carbon Classical Guitar Case


Carbon Fiber Hard Shell

Carbon fiber is the best material to create an indestructible strong case with unbelievable lightweight. The Air Carbon case might be one of the lightest flight guitar cases in the world.

Silk-like Lining

It took us a year to find the right material for the inside lining of the case. The superb blue silk-like lining can project the guitar finishing perfectly and turns to be the winner-combination of soft and durable.


The TSA-lock is made by Dupont Nylon which has an unbeatable performance in extreme temperature.

Genuine Leather Handle

The side handle is made of genuine leather which can guarantee the lifetime durability and offer the most comfortable utilization.


"Light as air, strong as steel."
It took us more than 15 years from the beginning of pursuing the greatest light and strong material for guitar case to come out of the ultimate Air Carbon series.
It is not about the material only but also the technology. We need the Air Carbon cases truly felt like air on your back and 100% safe for flight check-in.


  • Indestructible steel-like carbon fiber shell with only 5.5lb net weight.
  • Thick padding with silk-like blue lining.
  • Dupont Nylon TSA-lock with heavy duty metal latches.
  • Genuine leather handle and deluxe detachable backpack straps.
  • A free padded cover comes with each case.
Air Carbon Classical Guitar Case