Fiberglass Tenor Saxophone Case – Compact Style

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Brand: Crossrock
Material: Fiberglass
Instrument: Tenor Saxophone
Package Dimensions: 88cm x 21cm x 34cm (35" x 9" x 14")
Shipping Weight: 3.8kg (8.3lb)
Net weight: 3kg (6.6lb)
Keys x 2
Backpack straps x 1 (pair)
Crossrock CRF1020AS Fiberglass Alto-sax Hard Case
The video for the tenor sax case has not been ready yet. Please check the alto video for instance.

Fiberglass Tenor Saxophone Case – Compact Style


Infant Level Lining Material

The super-soft dark grey lining feels like baby skin offering tender touching to the saxophone.

Heavy-duty Hardware

Customized heavy-duty hardware guarantees the safety of the case during a musician's trip.

Auto Level Painting Technology

The auto-level painting technology makes the case glossy and shining.

Compact Design

If you just want a case to carry your saxophone and do not have tons of accessories to come with it, the compact design case must be the best choice.

Fiberglass Tenor Saxophone Case – Compact Style

product overview

The fitted saxophone models list:
  • Selmer: Super Action 80 II, Super Action 80 III, Reference 36, Reference 54

  • Yamaha: Custom Z, Custom EX, YTS-62, YTS-480, YTS-26, YTS-580AL, YTS-300AD, YTS-200AD

  • Yanagisawa: T-WO2, T-WO20, T-WO37, T-WO10, T-WO1

  • P. Mauriat: Master 97, System 76, PMST-86, PMXT-66, Le Bravo 200, PMST-500BX, PMST-86, Grand Dreams 285, PMST-185, PMST-600XJ

  • Lupifaro: Platinum, Gold, Silver

  • VINTAGE Selmer: Mark VI, Mark VII, Super Action 80 I, Super Action, Ballanced Action "SBA", Super Sax, Radio Improved, "Cigar Cutter"

  • Conn: 6M "Naked Lady/Lady Face", New Wonder II "Chu Berry", New Wonder I, Pan American, "Shooting Stars"

  • King: Super 20, Zephyr, Cleveland

  • Buescher: True Tone, Aristocrat "Top Hat and Cane", "Big B", Super 400

    • The Alto sax case will fit virtually any saxophone, although older instruments with bell keys on the left or split bell keys will be a tight fit.


      Inside Dimensions
      Overall Length: 795 mm (31.25 in)
      Width for Bell: 280 mm (11 in)
      Width for U Bow: 175 mm (6.9")
      Width for Neck: 125 mm (4.95")
      Net Weight: 3kg (6.6lb)


      • Compact style backpackable fiberglass case for tenor-saxophone.
      • Sturdy, strong, and lightweight.
      • Auto-level painting technology applied on the finishing .
      • Customized heavy-duty hardware.
      • Thick padded Velcro pouch for small extras.