Fiberglass Openback Banjo Case, Fits 11″-12.5″ Body

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Brand: Crossrock
Material: Fiberglass
Instrument: Openback Banjo
Package Dimensions: 111cm x 49cm x 21cm (44" x 20" x 9")
Shipping Weight: 6.8kg (15lb)
Keys x 2
Deluxe backpack straps x 2
0.4" thick removable padding strip x 2
0.4" thick removable square padding x 1
Crossrock CRF2000 Fiberglass Banjo and Guitar Case Review by Duane Hess.
We've not made any videos for the openback style. Please check the resonator banjo for more details.

Fiberglass Openback Banjo Case, Fits 11″-12.5″ Body


Suspension Inside Design

The vulnerable back and the bridge of the banjo will NOT touch the case with the thicker padding around it. The suspension design offers better protection to your banjo, especially for the bridge.

Extra Pads

The extra pads offer musicians the possibility of customizing the case to fit more different size banjos.

Alloy TSA Lock and Integrated Hygrometer

The alloy TSA lock is much stronger than plastic. It survived the hammer test, drop test, and corruption test. The strength and durability are outstanding. The integrated hygrometer will help to monitor the humidity easier.


It is understood how heavy a banjo might be. The double D-ring solution and the reinforced metal buckles offer a safer backpack experience.

Fiberglass Openback Banjo Case, Fits 11″-12.5″ Body

product overview

The case is designed for Openback banjo, fits 12.5" max diameter body size, and can also be adjusted to fit 11" smaller and thinner open back style.
Notice: The latest color mint blue is more close to Tiffney blue rather than the blue in the pictures. It is just too hard to photograph the correct color and all the pictures we took look far away from the true color. Thanks for the understanding.


Inside Dimensions
  • Overall length: 99 cm (39 in)

  • Body diameter: 33 cm (13 in)

  • Body depth: 6 cm (2.35 in)

  • Max depth (include bridge): 8 cm (3.15 in)

  • The case comes with a 13" diameter body cradle which can fit 12.5" size openback perfectly. With the help of the removable padding strips, it can be adjusted to fit some smaller banjos with 11.5" body size.


    Strong, lightweight, and stable. It has been almost 10 years since the first Crossrock fiberglass case came out. The CRF2020 series fiberglass banjo case now has 3 models: 1. Fat style to fit most 5-string resonator banjos. 2. M style specially designed for Gibson Mastertone. 3. Openback style for the body size from 11" to 12.5".
  • 100% purity fiberglass material.
  • 0.8“ thick padding.
  • Suspension inside design.
  • Heavy-duty hardware.
  • Alloy TSA lock.
  • Durable backpack straps.