ABS Mandolin Case, A Style, Backpackable

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Brand: Crossrock
Material: ABS plastic
Instrument: A style Mandolin
Package Dimensions: 75cm x 33cm x 16cm (30" x 13" x 6.3")
Shipping Weight: 2kg (4.4lb)
Net weight: 1.6kg (3.6lb)
Keys x 2
Standard backpack straps x 2
Crossrock A Style mandoline ABS molded case
This is our ABS molded mandolin case.
Fit most regular A-Style Mandolin. Super Strong ABS exterior.
Deluxe detachable backpack High-density hard foam core inside with plush lining.

ABS Mandolin Case, A Style, Backpackable


About ABS

The raw material must pass the impact test before applying to the case. The durability and strength of the case are highly assured by our high-level QC requirements.

Padding & Lining

20mm (3/4") thick sponge padding and dark blue plush lining.

Heavy-duty Hardware

The reinforced D-rings and buckles guarantee the safety of the case. We upgraded the backpack straps to offer a safer condition when artists take the mandolin on the road.

Molded Handle & Chromed Latches

The case comes with a strong ABS molded handle and 4 chromed painted latches.

ABS Mandolin Case, A Style, Backpackable

product overview

Crossrock ABS Molded Mandolin Case - Fits A Style
Impact-resistant strong ABS molded case with thick padding. Designed for A-style Mandolin.


Inside Dimensions
Overall length: 71.5cm (28.15")
Body length: 36.5cm (14.37")
Body depth: 7.5cm (3")
Max depth (arch-top for bridge): 14cm (5.51")
Diameter: 26.5cm (10.43")
Designed for A-style mandolin


  • Rugged molded ABS exterior. Designed for A style mandolin.
  • 20mm thick sponge and deep plush made padding.
  • Heavy-duty hardware and aluminum valance around the case.
  • Accessory compartment with lid. ABS molded handle.
  • Deluxe padded backpack straps.