OM/000 Guitars Case – Hardshell Deluxe Fiberglass Backpack Style – Black(CRF2020OMBK)

Model Number


Shipping Weight

6.2 kg (13.66 LB)

Shipping Dimensions

110.03 cm(43.32 IN) × 49.02 cm(19.3 IN) × 21.03 cm(8.28 IN)

MSRP: $309

OM/000 Guitars Case – Hardshell Deluxe Fiberglass Backpack Style – Black(CRF2020OMBK)


Super strong fiberglass hardshell & suspension inside

  • Almost indestructible acoustic guitar case made from pure fiberglass material.
  • The suspension inside offers great protection to the guitar.
  • There are 2 removable padding strips for the inside customization.

Waterproof Shell & Thick Padding

  • Waterproof & thermal insulation.
  • High-density padding-0.7".
  • Silk-like velvet lining.

Heavy-duty Hardware

  • Crossrock exclusively designed latches.
  • One of the latches can be locked.
  • Anti-rust coating.
  • Durable and strong leather handle.

Large Accessory Compartment

  • Headstock build-in with accessory compartment.
  • Compartment with lid.


The CRF2020 fiberglass series is improved from the original CRF1000 series which has been popular in the market for over 7 years.
As the second generation fiberglass series, the CRF2020 could offer better protection because of the stronger structure and thicker padding.


  • Fits Martin style 14 frets OM/000 Guitars.
  • Deluxe padded backpack straps.
  • Suspension inside design with removable padding.
  • Waterproof and impact resistant.
  • Fits Crossrock padded case cover - OM style.
Inside Dimensions
Overall Length: 110 cm (43.3 in)
Body Length: 51 cm( 20 in)
Upper Bout: 32 cm (12.6 in)
Lower Bout: 41 cm (16.1 in)
Body Depth: 10.2 cm (4 in)
Waist: 27 cm (10.6 in)
Weight: 3. 6kg (8 lb)