Electric Guitar Case – Fiberglass – 335 Style – Black(CRF1000SABK)

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MSRP: $329

Electric Guitar Case – Fiberglass – 335 Style – Black(CRF1000SABK)


Latches and A Lock

Heavy-duty metal latches and a lock secures the case from impact.


Genuine leather handle attached by high-quality hardware.

Accessory Compartment

Large accessory compartment with lid for the picks, capo, and extras.

Backpack Straps

Deluxe padded detachable backpack straps and the durable hardware keeps the guitar safe on your back.


Crossrock has been on the way of reducing the cost of a fiberglass case to an affordable price for many years while keeping its strength and stability and God bless we finally made it.
Nowadays, the Fiberglass series has covered cases of guitar, bass, folks instruments, orchestra strings, and brass & woodwind. The electric guitar collection is the latest development in 2019. The available models have extended to electric guitar (especially for Strat. & Tele.), Les Paul, 335, SG and Jazz Master.


  • Fits arch-top semi-hollowbody guitars, especially for 335 style.
  • 100% purity fiberglass exterior with water resistant rubber seal.
  • Thick padding with velvet lining.
  • Genuine leather handle and heavy-duty hardware.
  • Detachable backpack straps.
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Fiberglass Series Guitar Case - 335 Style